Mission Statement

Asian worker in Egypt, We specialize in providing Asian workers and maids to provide cleaning, medical care and babysitter services. The workers are present in Egypt and have legal residency and are subject to regular medical checks. They also enjoy good manners, good behavior, honesty and trust.

What we can do for you?

We study your request and check the availability of all specifications that you need, we nominate workers who have your specifications.

Our Promise

Providing employment that meets the specifications it specifies, ensuring health, honesty, and compliance with contracts.

Success for us is to provide the needs of customers and continue to serve them

We don’t accept that we fail in any task we do, and this brings us zero failure rates

We care about executing your requests as quickly as possible, because time is of great importance to you and us

Our prices are the lowest, we strive to excel at all levels and win more customers by providing the best comparative level of service

We are interested in choosing highly skilled labor so that they become an honorable image for us with you and to provide you with the best level of services

We care about availability and proximity to speed up service delivery and meet needs around the clock

Call us at any time to fulfill your request

We seek to provide excellent service for homes, schools and hospitals

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